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Elementary School News
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 Due to the demolition and construction taking place this summer, we will not be having summer camps or summer school this year.
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RIchmond Heights Elementary School Winter Concert - The Unity Tree

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Students participated in our Anti-bullying assembly today. Mr.Gorham holding the anti bully bag where students can anonymously inform staff of incidents where bullying has occurredso it can be addressed immediately...Our chant “Be Brave Be Bold A Teacher Must Be Told...Say Something!”

The Mobile Dentist is Coming

Mobile Dentist will be back on campus November 5, 2018 andNovember 6, 2018. Sign up online at:
Let's make sure every chilld has a healthy smile!

Know your flu facts!

 Myth #1: You can get the flu from the flu vaccine.
FALSE This is impossible. The flu vaccine contains an inactivatedvirus or no flu virus at all, so it cannot give you the flu.

Myth #2: The flu is just a bad cold.
FALSE The flu is a serious disease. It is a highly contagious viralinfection of the respiratory tract (nose, throat, and lungs) that cancause secondary complications and attack other organs in thebody. Every year in the U.S., approximately 200,000 people arehospitalized and tens of thousands of people die because of theflu. In fact, influenza kills more Americans every year than anyother vaccine-preventable disease - upwards of 56,000 people,including approximately 100 children.
Kindergarten Registration 2018-2019

Kindergarten Registration for 2019-2020 School Year

If your child will be 5 years old before September 30, 2019 they are eligible to attend Kindergarten in the fall of 2019.  Stop in the Board of Education to pick up a registration packet and schedule an appointment or call (216) 692-7395 for more details.
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Welcome to the Richmond Heights PEL Parent Coordinator Page!!!

PEL Logo
Who/What is PEL

The Parent Engagement Coordinator serves as the liaison between school and parents, relaying the needs of one to the other. The PEL Parent Coordinator also promotes the sharing of power with parents as decision-makers, assisting parents in understanding the educational system so that they may become better advocates for their children’s education.

Your Richmond Heights PEL Parent Engagement Coordinator is available via email anytime to answer questions, offer support, and receive INPUT & FEEDBACK.



Title I  

What is Title I?

Title I, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at-risk students. The goal of Title I is to provide extra instructional services and activities which support students identified as at risk of failing to meet the state’s challenging performance standards, most specifically in math or English/language-arts.


What will Title I programs do for my child?

The Title I program will provide your child with supplemental educational assistance beyond the regular classroom.


How can I get involved?

Parents, you can influence the success of your student in school more than any teacher or federal program. By becoming an active participant in the Title I parent involvement plan at your school, you will: 

  • Serve as a role model, showing your student that you support his/her education.
  • Assure that you are aware of your student’s educational progress; thereby demonstrating its importance.


What does research tell us?

Research shows that how well students do in school depends a great deal upon how much their parents get involved in their education. You can become more involved by: 

  • Joining local and national school/parent organizations
  • Supporting school extra-curricular activities
  • Volunteering at the school
  • Attending parent-teacher conferences
  • Communicating with your student’s teacher regularly, by writing notes, telephoning the school, etc.
  • Keeping your student’s teacher informed about events in his or her life which may affect his/her performance at school
  • Discussing with your student’s teacher and parent organizations other ideas for parent involvement

RHLS PEL Parent Coordinator News Letter 

Upcoming Events

Good Friday - NO SCHOOL

Fri Apr 19 2019

Easter Monday - NO SCHOOL

Mon Apr 22 2019

Senior Graduation

Tue May 21 2019

Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

Mon May 27 2019
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