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RHLS Diversity Club students attend the 64th Annual Humanitarian Award Dinner Thursday Nov. 28, 2018
The purpose of the Diversity Club is to help students become more aware and accepting of the diversity within Richmond Heights Schools and outside of our district. It is to bring each of us as individuals and unite together by educating one another of our differences which will lead to a stronger relationship and a better understanding of one another. We focus on different aspects of diversity including race/ethnicity, culture, gender, physical ability and socioeconomic status. Our goal is to bring awareness of differences through education and exposure to new and differing ideas and how we can utilize those differences to create a stronger community.   
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The Diversity Center was proud to launch #RethinkBeauty at our 64th Humanitarian Award Dinner. 
Please help us spread this powerful message by posting, tweeting, and sharing our latest video with friends, family, and colleagues.