image of car with riders inside

RHES Parents and guardians we have had a great first two days of school. We want to make the rest of the year even better and we need your HELP!  

Our dismissal consists of students riding buses, cars, daycare vans, and walking. We have almost 400 students and we want to ensure that each student arrives at their appropriate dismissal destination.

Here’s where you can help:

1. Please use the car line if you are picking up in a car. The staff must keep track of all students so calling your child over to your cat is disruptive and unsafe.

2. Please call the office by 2:30 if there’s is a change to your child’s dismissal. Teachers may not get a message you leave on the phone or Dojo depending on when you leave it. Calling the office centralizes these changes and allows us to have your child at the right location. Please only make emergency calls after 2:30 because several changes occurring daily disrupts the dismissal process.

3. A call must come to the office if there is a change to your child’s dismissal. We are not able to take student's word about where they are to go.

4. Please let your child’s teacher know if they are riding a daycare van at dismissal.

I appreciate in advance your support and adherence to our safety rules for dismissal.