image of 2021 summer STEM program
Image Richmond Heights Upper School Guided Tour
Image of making a difference celebrating diversity with hands and arms in a picture frame
image of school bus click here for routes and times
image preparing to return march 2021
A screenshot of 4 months of the Richmond Heights calendar with a blue magnifying glass on top of the image
photo of school bus with mask
spartan family focus and spartan head logo
RHLSD Spartan image and Black History Month Poster
multi colored legos built into a flat heart frame with the words "Building the future of public education"  "School Board Recognition Month"
background is blue sky, green hills and road.  Yellow school bus with eyes and a smile face is on the road.  there is a bus stop sign with food on it and a lunch bag sitting by the sign
Martin Luther King Photo
Green note with Parent/Teacher Conferences on it
It's a new day for the Richmond heights way spartan image
Wellness Wednesday Flyers
Image The City Club Advancing Racial Equity in Ohio Schools
Parents, Please Fill Out This Important Survey
black chalkboard with school items drawn on it for background.  In front of chalkboard is 3 books stacked with a aqua bookbag with pencils in a pocket. In front of the bookbag is a book with an apple on top of it.
RHSS Welcomes you back!
RH Elementary Welcomes you back with spartan chromebook and crayons