Richmond Heights believes that tapping into a student's potential, the possibilities are limitless. To accomplish this, the Richmond Heights Local Schools Instructional Network for Gifted Students via our P.R.O.P.E.L. program strives to:

Enrich students experience

Enhance students lives

Provide Experiences outside of the general Curriculum

Challenge their ability


"Gifted by the state of Ohio standards means students who perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment and who are identified under division (A),(B),(C), or (D) of section 3324.03 of the Revised Code.

The decision to admit a student  to Kindergarten early ( not age 5 by September 30, but before January 1) is one we take serious and follow the guidelines of the State of Ohio. Evaluations will be scheduled after registration has been completed. Requests can be made to the Principal and or Registrars Office.