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Speaker Series

Richmond Heights Spartans! Please join us in our first Entrepreneurship Speaker Series that will be hosted on zoom in the months of March and April. There will be many different local entrepreneurs that will speak to students about their daily responsibilities, opportunities and challenges, and overall career journeys. The Entrepreneur Speaker Series will be hosted on Wednesdays at noon on zoom. Please see below for speaker information and dates. Click the link below to view the schedule.

Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

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Image Aviation Speaker Series

Girls in Aviation Day

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Aviation Day

Aeronautics & Engineering EXPO

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RHHS Career Day
Exploration 2019

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Exploration 2019

Career Connections Liasion


Joy L. Childress, M.Ed

Career Connections Liaison

Richmond Heights Local School District

447 Richmond Road Richmond Heights, OH 44143

Direct line: 216-692-0086 x571289


 "Creating exposure, access and opportunities in high demand career paths to our students such as: Aviation and Manufacturing."


Maker Space Videos

How to m The RHHS MakerSpace Ep 2 - How to make a tooth pick holder using the 3 D Printer

The RHHS MakerSpace Ep 3 - How to Make a Yo -Yo using the Milling Machine

The RHHS MakerSpace Ep 4 - How to make stickers using Roland Laser Cutter

The RHHS MakerSpace Ep 5 - How to make a Cut Line using the Epilog Laser Printer

The RHHS MakerSpace Ep 6 How to make a key chain using the Epilog Laser Printer

The MakerSpace Ep 7 How to make a Poster using the Vinyl Printer Cutter

The MakerSpace Skill Boss Presentation


Students attended an event at Kent State that taught students about aviation careers, providing hands-on experiences that will help determine if a career in aeronautics is in their future.


Students attended Kent State University Airport for their annual Aeronautics and Engineering Expo. Students were able to tour the FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center at KSU. Students had flight simulator experiences and flights on Kent State Aircraft were offered.