What is the ACT?


Offering more than 20 programs and services ACT provides a variety of comprehensive assessments, research, information, and program management services to support education and workplace advancement. Most commonly known for the ACT College Readiness Assessment, the ACT provides a platform for students and educators to gauge a students level of preparedness for their journey of continued education.


Who does the ACT benefit?


By taking an ACT assessment, students can identify areas of strength and information they retained well, in addition to recognizing areas that may need review or improvement. These tests allow education administrators and future employers to make informed judgments on a students knowledge  when reviewing applications. Parents, teachers, and counselors are able to improve their understanding of a students progress by way of ACT assessments as well.


ACT Test Dates



 ACT Tips and Test Prep 


The ACT college readiness assessment is a test over information you either have learned or will learn in high school. You could review old material you learned on your own, create a study group with friends, or take advantage of the materials provided by the ACT for test preparation. Below you will find a link to the test preparation section of the ACT website and some quick tips for test day.


  • Get rest the night before! Staying up to cram the night before could make you tired and unable to focus the morning of the test.

  • Eat a good healthy breakfast.

  • Arrive early to the test, being late and in a rush could increase test anxiety.

  • Read directions carefully.

  • Pace yourself. The test is timed, don't rush but don't spend too much time on one question.

  • Don't leave anything blank! Take educated guesses and rule out wrong answers.