About Our District

About Our District


Prepare individual learners to navigate an evolving global community using 21st century competencies.


Richmond Heights is a first choice school district providing an equitable educational environment that promotes safe, respectful, responsible relationships where pride in self, school and community flourishes.

Core Beliefs:

  • Diversity is our strength

  • Intentional, positive school culture yields strong school pride

  • Each member of our Richmond Heights community must be appreciated and valued

  • Accountability is essential

  • Prudent fiscal responsibility is imperative

  • Our students must succeed academically, relationally, civically, and globally

  • Involvement of parents and community partners is vital to achieving educational outcomes

  • Continuous improvement at all levels is essential to our high performance and legacy

Strategic Plan


Community, this news link contains the initial workings of our Strategic Plan that will ultimately transforms our district. We have devised a roadmap that will help guide us to the vision of what we have for our schools in the year 2020.

We began this planning process in Jan. 2015, by securing the services of Synergy Marketing & Research, Inc. Under their consultation and volunteer work of a Richmond Heights resident, we assembled a Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

Click Here for Attachments Available To Download


Dear Community Member,

Once again we are able to provide an annual update on all of the school district's happenings thanks to grants that provide for community out­reach. As I begin year 6 as the superintendent of the Richmond Heights Local School District, I must say that I am overjoyed and overwhelmed at times because of ALL that we have going on here.