Elementary Schoolwide Plan 2023-2024

A Schoolwide plan is based on a comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school that considers the academic achievement of children, particularly children who are failing or at-risk of failing, to meet state standards and any other factors as determined by the district. Elementary Schoolwide Plan

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Richmond Heights Elementary School
Feb 2

Parent Alert!

Facetime, group texts, and social media are methods children are using to communicate over the weekends. Unfortunately, these methods are not being used Politely. Our children are having inappropriate conversations, using foul language, and being mean to each other. Please take a moment to check your child's technology usage. We are striving to improve our school culture and teach students to be Polite, Prepared, and Productive daily. Behavior resulting from events occurring overnight and weekends that cause a code of conduct violation of disruption to the classroom or school will result in consequences. Thank you for supporting our efforts to improve the school culture.

Teaching Kids to be Smart About Social Media

♻️ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ♻️ In honor of #EarthDay 2024, offering useful guidance on proper recycling practices, detailing what items should and shouldn't be placed in recycling bins. Check out their informative commercial to learn more and improve your recycling habits! #RHSpartanPride 🔗 WKYC - RECYCLING TIPS!

students sharing recyling tips

Women's History Trivia Winners

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RHES Women's History Trivia Winners

MLK Trivia Winners

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RHES MLK Trivia Winners
RHLS March Skating Party


Christian, Harmony, Kalyan, Laila, Morgan, Olivia, Paris, Phenix, Rylee, and Saryha. They are the winners of our drawing for 2/2/24. They each had the correct answer to our trivia question, “Name one African country?

Answers were Nigeria, Niger, Somalia, Chad, South Africa and Kenya.

RHLS Elementary School Students


Anushree, Ariyonna, Ava, Carter, Jordyn, Maybelin, Melvin, Nasir, Seraby, and Shane. These are the winners of our drawing for 2/1/24. They each had the correct answer to our trivia question, “Which continent are the ancestors of African Americans from?

Answer: Africa

RHLE Elementary School Students


Dameah, Dehlynn, Denver, Eddie, Janayia, Jordyn, Karter, Kyla, Kylie, and Zarrionna. They are the winners of our drawing for 2/6/24. They each had the correct answer to our trivia question, “Who is known as the Father of Black History because of his role in establishing or stating Black History Month?

Answer? Carter G. Woodson

RHLS Elementary School Students


Anushree, Chloe, Dameah, Journey, Kai, Khalidah, Sahrae, Samia, Saryha andSawan. They are the winners of our drawing for 2/5/24. They each had the correct answer to our trivia question, “What holiday is celebrated in June, that’s also known as Freedom Day because slaves were set free, or emancipated?

Answer? Juneteenth

RHLS Elementary School Students

Have you checked out our Little Free Library?

Located right in front of Richmond Heights Elementary, this little treasure trove of books is open and waiting for you. Need a story to share with your family? Take one! Have a favorite to pass along? Leave one! Adventure awaits within every written line, and we won’t want you to miss a thing! #RHSpartanPride

Little Library

Ja’vae Williams-Hunt, Author

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting author Ja’vae Williams-Hunt as part of our Richmond Reads program! Ja’vae captivated our scholars with her inspiring book series “Why Bully Me?”, shedding light on the issue of bullying and empowering children with valuable strategies to navigate this challenge.

THANK YOU, Ja’vae, for being a role model to our Spartans! Keep up the amazing work! #RHSpartanPride

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RHES students with Childrens book author
flyer of Halloween skating party


flyer of trunk or treat

image of text on dark pink background

On BookSmart it’s easy to read every day with digital books for children and families. You’ll always have a free library in your pocket. Reading Makes a Difference

Reading every day has many benefits. It improves reading skills, increases knowledge, and lowers stress! Plus, it’s fun and free!

Click here for more information.

image of good news text and a graphic of a sun outlined in orange and red on a dark gray background

Good News Club® is an exciting, fun-filled weekly club for kids. Click here for the registration form and more information. Please return completed form to the office or your child's teacher.

The Good News Club will meet at the Richmond Hts. Elementary School, every Thursday when there is a full day of school. The Club will run from October 12, 2023 to April 18, 2024.

Please be advised...
This is not an activity of the school or the school district.


We have created an online Google form for participants to access online to make their requests.  Online Resource Room Order Form

Resource Room Video

The Richmond Heights City School District soft opening of our new Resource Room will be tomorrow October 4th, 2023 from 10:30 am- 11:45 am. The Resource Room will assist families in need within the Richmond Heights community with clothing, hygiene items, household goods, school supplies, and other essential items. Please stop by to see if any items may serve you.

Families who wish to access the room can contact Mr. Boykins to schedule times as well as check-in at the Upper School building or Board of Education secretaries, or by completing the referral form which will be located on the district website as well as hours of operation. Special thank you to all of the volunteers and supporters for recognizing the need within the community, and working with local leadership to provide this important resource. We

(216)692-0086 x571249

Click on the image below to sign up and schedule you conferences.

image of a colorful collage of parent teacher conferences includes text

School Supply Lists 2023-2024 PreK - 6th

Car Riders Information

image of various school supplies on black background includes text school supply lists

Parents Click the image above for this year's school supplies lists.

image of car with riders in side and car riders printed on the side of the car

Greetings Spartans! We are asking for everyone's cooperation for parent drop off and pick up this year. Please use the Community Park for dropping off and picking up student(s). The lot in front of the school is for buses and daycare only. Please view the map attached to this message for locations. You may need to rotate or print the map. Thank you again! Let's enjoy this school year together!
Click here to view the MAP!

RHES Parents and guardians we want to make this school year to be the best ever and we need your HELP. Click this link to be informed!

Elementary School Bus Schedule 2023-2024

Click the Bus to see the schedule.

image of school bus

Elementary School PBIS

What is PBIS in school?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based three-tiered framework to improve and integrate all of the data, systems, and practices affecting student outcomes every day. PBIS creates schools where all students succeed. ~Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Check out our PBIS videos and stay informed!

Image Richmond Heights Elementary School PBIS image of school building

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Bring US Your Box Top Clips




Who/What is PEL

The Parent Engagement Coordinator serves as the liaison between school and parents, relaying the needs of one to the other. The PEL Parent Coordinator also promotes the sharing of power with parents as decision-makers, assisting parents in understanding the educational system so that they may become better advocates for their children’s education.

Your Richmond Heights PEL Parent Engagement Coordinator is available via email anytime to answer questions, offer support, and receive INPUT & FEEDBACK.


Title I

What is Title I?

Title I, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at-risk students. The goal of Title I is to provide extra instructional services and activities which support students identified as at risk of failing to meet the state’s challenging performance standards, most specifically in math or English/language-arts.

What will Title I programs do for my child?

The Title I program will provide your child with supplemental educational assistance beyond the regular classroom.

How can I get involved?

Parents, you can influence the success of your student in school more than any teacher or federal program. By becoming an active participant in the Title I parent involvement plan at your school, you will:

  • Serve as a role model, showing your student that you support his/her education.

  • Assure that you are aware of your student’s educational progress; thereby demonstrating its importance.

What does research tell us?

Research shows that how well students do in school depends a great deal upon how much their parents get involved in their education. You can become more involved by:

  • Joining local and national school/parent organizations

  • Supporting school extra-curricular activities

  • Volunteering at the school

  • Attending parent-teacher conferences

  • Communicating with your student’s teacher regularly, by writing notes, telephoning the school, etc.

  • Keeping your student’s teacher informed about events in his or her life which may affect his/her performance at school

  • Discussing with your student’s teacher and parent organizations other ideas for parent involvement

RHLS PEL Parent Coordinator News Letter

Elementary School Musical Productions